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21901. Life is a cycle of happiness...
(on 16th, Sep, 15)

21907. I'm so rich with love i give so much away!..
(on 15th, Sep, 15)

21913. Most cheaters can't afford a motel...
(on 15th, Sep, 15)

21919. One name makes the impossible possible...
(on 15th, Sep, 15)

21929. When man stop praying,god stop working...
(on 15th, Sep, 15)

21931. Catch the goods, loose the bads .....
(on 15th, Sep, 15)

21939. "don't just follow you also need to know."..
(on 15th, Sep, 15)

21945. Riches most who had it no longer have it...
(on 14th, Sep, 15)

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