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Naveed Anjum, a male, Educationalist who joined us on December 28th, 2013
Short Bio:CEO-The Cadet House Group of Schools. +923004484741
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3. "Say what one wants to hear"...
(on 20th, Jan, 14)

17. Never hit the hive, it hits back...
(on 2nd, Jan, 14)

19. I am born to do a wonder...
(on 1st, Jan, 14)

21. Hopes recharge us on every new year...
(on 31st, Dec, 13)

26. Monsters are inside us, let's fight...
(on 29th, Dec, 13)

27. Wear that fits you...
(on 29th, Dec, 13)

28. Dream, work and get...
(on 29th, Dec, 13)


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