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Darab Imteyaz, a 23 year old male, Student who joined us on July 8th, 2011
Location:New Delhi, India
Website: http://bit.ly/darab
Short Bio:Hey! You are on my Profile. Cool :') About me? ★Simple ツ ★Creative ✓ ★Hot-blooded ☀. ★Bike Rider ☠ ★Music lover ♫ ★Gadget lover ❀ ★Webaholic ☝ My Dream? ★ Be a great Doctor ♉ Well ☺apart from these, I like to make new friends and am very expressive and positive in words, act & feelings. I like people around me SMILING so i always try to bring SMILE on there faces. The first thing U will notice about me is that I'm not noticing U ツ
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20. Everybody needs somebody...
(on 20th, Aug, 11)


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