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Dustin Lange, a 21 year old male, Park ranger who joined us on July 18th, 2014
Location:Dusk Luck
Website: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Dustin+Lange
Short Bio:I'm working on becoming a National Park Ranger. I love nature, so I figured I should have a job that involves being outdoors. That way I will love my job!
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1. My only regret is my entire life...
(on 25th, Nov, 15)

3. I rhyme all the time...
(on 6th, Feb, 15)

4. I peed so hard I laughed a little!..
(on 29th, Dec, 14)

9. It's rational to rationalize...
(on 13th, Oct, 14)

10. No masticating at the dinner table!..
(on 19th, Sep, 14)

13. Don't let life get you down.....
(on 7th, Aug, 14)

22. Be the change you want to see...
(on 20th, Jul, 14)

24. Good enough is not good enough!..
(on 18th, Jul, 14)


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