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Count Earnur Turin Turambar Elenaion, a 23 year old male, Businessman who joined us on July 15th, 2015
Short Bio:Count of Sealand & Lord of Hougon Manor descendant of some of the greatest men in the history of the north
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2. Brutal worlds breed brutal men..
(on 14th, Jan, 16)

3. All we humans need is more..
(on 11th, Jan, 16)

5. True kings conquer their crown..
(on 11th, Nov, 15)

6. A special name, for a special man..
(on 29th, Sep, 15)

9. You cannot forsake your destiny..
(on 21st, Sep, 15)

17. Ambition is the key to success..
(on 19th, Aug, 15)

21. Knowledge is the curse of mankind..
(on 9th, Aug, 15)

22. Dead men do not slander..
(on 4th, Aug, 15)

33. Only the weak bows..
(on 21st, Jul, 15)

34. Words are nothing without actions..
(on 21st, Jul, 15)

35. The greatest weapon to master; time..
(on 21st, Jul, 15)

36. It takes more than rain to stop me..
(on 21st, Jul, 15)

37. It's a curse to know too much..
(on 21st, Jul, 15)

43. Love is for the brave..
(on 15th, Jul, 15)

47. Everything change, except the past..
(on 15th, Jul, 15)

49. Pain is temporary, glory is forever..
(on 15th, Jul, 15)


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