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Lise Gottlieb, a female, Entrepreneur who joined us on October 20th, 2017
Website: http://lisegottlieb.com
Short Bio:LISE GOTTLIEB, "The e-Commerce Queen of Denmark" creator of "Power e-com Formula". In her work as a Marketing Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Award Winning Speaker, Bestselling Author and Business Coach, Lise Gottlieb shares her proven strategies with self-motivated, disciplined, hard-working people to help them attain a wholistic life-style that includes personal & financial independence.
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6. Start now, do something everyday..
(on 20th, Oct, 17)

7. Motivation follow action..
(on 20th, Oct, 17)

8. Acting is the most important thing..
(on 20th, Oct, 17)

9. Action is the most important thing..
(on 20th, Oct, 17)

14. Be Brave Be Strong Be Badass..
(on 20th, Oct, 17)

19. A goal without a plan is just a wish..
(on 20th, Oct, 17)

20. Lessons are not given they are taken..
(on 20th, Oct, 17)


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