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Abdulla Humaid, a 23 year old male, Author who joined us on March 6th, 2014
Location:Male' City
Short Bio:I am teenager who learns from life lesson and my personal experience. I teach other from my experience to makes their life more happy and not let them do same mistakes I did I am life. You can see more about me from my facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/hummu.humaidh ) . I would love you to write me. my email is humaidh55@gmail.com. And twitter id is https://twitter.com/AbdullaHumaidh .Please share me your stories.
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6. Life is too short to cry..
(on 7th, Mar, 14)

8. I love the way he/she lied to me..
(on 7th, Mar, 14)

17. Forgive but not forget..
(on 6th, Mar, 14)


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