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Jean Renee Porter, a 65 year old female who joined us on September 27th, 2013
Short Bio:Ms. Porter aka Jean Renee Johnson and Jean Renee Porter is a D.C. native, living in Desert Hot Springs, CA. She worked 38 years as a legal secretary in Washington, DC. Ms. Porter is a spiritual and positive person with a very giving nature. Roberta Flack and Mrs. Dorothy Moorman, her ninth grade music and business teachers inspired her to write at a very young age. She is a self published authoress, poet, and lyricist. She loves writing quotes and inspiring others.
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32. I am God-spoiled...
(on 27th, Sep, 13)

36. It takes a friend to be a friend...
(on 27th, Sep, 13)

38. Not trying is worse than failing...
(on 27th, Sep, 13)


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