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Luis Gouveia, a 36 year old male, Author who joined us on July 28th, 2016
Location:New York
Website: http://luisgouveia.com
Short Bio:18 YEARS | 12 INDUSTRIES | NEW THINKING I had dedicated a huge portion of my life to research. I have worked in 12 different industries in that last 18 years. You might ask yourself why I would do such a crazy thing. The answer is simple. How can I be a life coach if I know nothing of your life’s experience? To give someone advice to help them structure their lives, one needs experience and have been in a similar situation. Have you ever heard someone give advice about somethi
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9. “Only do what adds value...”..
(on 28th, Jul, 16)

16. “Money stacks up, not down.”..
(on 28th, Jul, 16)

19. Failure is success...
(on 28th, Jul, 16)


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