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51 to 100 of 137 Namratha G quotes

59. People Prioritise as Per Purposes..
(on 25th, Dec, 16)

62. Acceptance is better than Expectance..
(on 20th, Dec, 16)

67. Better U Go Off.. than I Get Rid Of..
(on 10th, Dec, 16)

68. Be You!! Not As Because of You..
(on 9th, Dec, 16)

76. No Words! Now OnWards!!..
(on 27th, Nov, 16)

78. Ur Freedom is in Ur Kingdom Only!..
(on 25th, Nov, 16)

81. Dont become fake.. for others' sake..
(on 22nd, Nov, 16)

86. Preseved and Reserved for Deserved..
(on 26th, Aug, 16)

88. Reality Rocks. Personality Peaks...
(on 22nd, Apr, 16)

99. Forgot the forgotten to forget..
(on 6th, Jan, 16)

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