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51 to 100 of 115 Ritesh Ranjan quotes

60. Don't be a Follower, be a Seeker..
(on 24th, Jul, 17)

61. Learn to stop, Stop to learn..
(on 21st, Jul, 17)

68. A leader at first leads his own life..
(on 15th, Jul, 17)

70. If you believe, you can go places..
(on 11th, Jul, 17)

77. A sport a day keeps depression away..
(on 11th, Jun, 17)

83. Life is a sport, if you have stamina..
(on 11th, Jun, 17)

90. He played, he won, he inspires...
(on 7th, Jun, 17)

94. Life is simple and life is difficult..
(on 21st, May, 17)

100. Earn a repute, Learn to respect it..
(on 10th, May, 17)

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