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151 to 186 of 186 Ojo Yusuf Abdulazeez quotes

156. "I may be prisoner of war not heart"..
(on 8th, Mar, 16)

157. "Your deed is an arrow and bow"..
(on 8th, Mar, 16)

168. "War is always a trap under a trap"..
(on 30th, Jan, 15)

170. "War is a field of cast to last"..
(on 29th, Jan, 15)

174. "Power cannot hold destiny"..
(on 23rd, Jan, 15)

178. Ally is inevitable in war...
(on 23rd, Jan, 15)

181. Always target shadow in war...
(on 21st, Jan, 15)

182. "The end is not the end"..
(on 7th, Jan, 15)

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