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(1/2) Everyone's so obsessed with Joshua Aaron Guillory - I'm so perfect! I'm so free! I'm so happy! I'm so me! [That's] just the way my life is! My life will forever be perfect, free, happy, me! And yours can be all those things or all these things if you be yourself! If you, like me, live true! Living like you is living like me, for you! I'm the truest alive! Everyone is obsessed with me! my life! What is Joshua doing!? What is he wearing!? What is he thinking!? Did he grow any more hairs!? How many hairs are on his leg!? People are [so] obsessed with me! I'm the best! I'm the superstar! The supertruth! I am what I am! You, likewise, should be who you are! I'm not saying that I'm blaming or that I'm not blaming [anyone or all]! I'm just saying! Make peace with it! Make peace with yourself!
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aaron guillory perfect free happy live true living truest alive life joshua wearing thinking grow hairs leg people obsessed superstar supertruth blaming peace

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