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(1/2) Souls of Love Worthy Shirley - The religion of Islam, the spirituality of Islam, the religion and or spirituality of peace and love is beautiful! The Arabs, The East Indians, the Whites, the Blacks, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Mexicans, the Hispanics, the Chimpanzees, whatever the being and or creature, they're beautiful! You're beautiful! I respect and admire the goodheartedness good-heartedness of those East Indians and Arabs when I go to a store or am online and I meet them! Selling me or giving me items products advice recommendation[s] education kindness with peace and love! They're just trying to feed their families and themselves and enjoy the finer things in life, as all things are fine, especially when you look at me! They just wanna have fun! like Cyndi Lauper said! fuunnnnnn! Treat them with respect! And likewise with the Blacks and Germans and Italians and all the others or other names I've mentioned! They're [all] such loving, gentle souls! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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worthy shirley islam religion spirituality whites chinese japanese mexicans hispanics chimpanzees creature beautiful admire goodheartedness good heartedness east indians arabs store online meet selling giving items products advice recommendation education kindness peace love feed families enjoy finer life fine wanna fun cyndi lauper fuunnnnnn treat respect blacks germans italians names mentioned loving gentle souls joshua aaron guillory

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