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(1/2) Withinness Free Will - Life is so good! so amazing! Live within! Living within [,] you truly live without or for and as all! It's my withinness or my living within, as me, the true me, as always, that allows me to truly see and be and know and believe in all that is external [eternally good, righteousness and holy]! I live the true life and therefore, that is why I am most happy! You, as I, should partake freely of world peace! of the garden of Eden! of heaven! of earth! of the universe! of the tree of life! of nature! of the water and or river of life! Those who will are free! And those who are free will! freely will and will freely! If you're living so outside of yourself how can you know what's within you and all!? To go within you go without [without meaning with all]! inside out! Internal external! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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amazing withinness eternally good righteousness holy live true happy partake world peace garden eden heaven earth universe tree nature water river life free freely living meaning internal external joshua aaron guillory

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