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1. Animals are fighting, cursing each other females and males, but then after that necessarily mate. There is no such thing as a quarrel, resentment or guilt. There is only an animal, the passion of love.2. Life after death - is a children's chest of forgotten toys.3. You are in a cafe, you would have sat down at a table: For the first table, sit and laugh as drug addicts, immature mass products, trash culture, from which stinks of cigarettes and alcohol, they are talking about: beer, boobs, and wheelbarrows.For the second table seated arrogant snobs talking about: culture and science.Whereas for third sitting cranks, quiet, humble, meek, squeezed in itself, notorious people unjustly them their name-calling and nerds, in this table, there is no limit to the topics and they can Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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animals fighting cursing females males necessarily mate quarrel resentment guilt animal passion love life death children chest forgotten toys cafe sat sit laugh drug addicts immature mass products trash stinks cigarettes alcohol beer boobs wheelbarrows seated arrogant snobs talking culture science sitting cranks quiet humble meek squeezed notorious people unjustly calling nerds table limit topics author musin almat zhumabekovich

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