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1. Believe in Almighty only selected. 2. The more people, the more cynicism and cruelty and brutality towards the people. 3. The higher the inflation rate the higher the level of crime, legal and illegal. 4. During the war, people in the world, there is a huge number of legal offenses. Let the soldiers killed another soldier from another country. Let the family of a dead soldier served in the court and arrest the murderer. Let the family will do so for each dead soldier or civilian citizen, was arrested and imprisoned. That kind of attitude will lead to a dead end all wars. 5. It's funny watching a plastic surgeon makes a funny face, even funnier. 6. Humanity (brow-humanity), (forever-ever). Translation Humanity-forever. 7. But when a country built with enthusiasm, with belief in a bright future. Fewer people say: I want to, and more and more necessary. 8. Mankind is not ready to have some kind of a super ability, or supernatural or paranormal abilities associated with otherworldly for
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almighty selected cynicism cruelty brutality inflation rate higher level crime illegal war world huge number legal offenses soldiers killed served court arrest murderer family soldier civilian citizen arrested imprisoned attitude lead dead wars watching plastic surgeon funny face funnier brow translation humanity country built enthusiasm belief bright future people mankind ready kind super ability supernatural paranormal abilities otherworldly

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