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1. Conservatism - a deep-freezing in a cryogenic chamber, deep in suspended animation, in a sling for sleeping or giperson in the time capsule. Where do you keep your body and mind for the best times in the distant future. While the world slowly dies with humanity, and goes crazy with the indifferent chaos of liberalism, funny, a nightmare from which can be heard, funny grunting laughter selfish thinking. This is your cultural cocoon, in which the moral decay of humanity passes by you, it is your allergen bladder, allergies, on ambient stupidity. Waking up in the next world, where you can, wear Hawaiian flowers bracelets, put on his head a wreath Hawaiian flowers and Hawaiian flowers around his neck, finally, listen to ukulele, look at the Hawaiian dancers in skirts of leaves and coconut bras. Lie down on a hammock deserved utopia, sipping from a coconut with a straw with the umbrella, sweet, coconut juice, consuming food from ramekinov in heaven so that everyone dreamed of in the past
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conservatism freezing cryogenic chamber deep suspended animation sling sleeping giperson time capsule body mind times distant future slowly dies crazy indifferent chaos liberalism nightmare heard funny grunting laughter selfish thinking cultural cocoon moral decay humanity passes allergen bladder allergies ambient stupidity waking world wear bracelets head wreath flowers neck finally listen ukulele hawaiian dancers skirts leaves bras lie hammock deserved utopia sipping straw umbrella sweet coconut juice consuming food ramekinov heaven dreamed

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