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1. Critic - is evil, but it's also very funny monkey. Who was shot in the people with their shit, that is, for his criticism. 2. Threat of society lies not in others, but in the way their thinking. 3. Create your own, completely new, unparalleled, and whether in this new way of the king, for whom will the fanatical masses. 4. Gay, lesbian, sexist, feminist, Nazis and racists - an evil that pretends to be good. 5. In response to the question, the answer question, the answer to the question, the answer the question in regard answer. Etc. 6. In any creature is evil, by which good, good for more than the worst evil for evil glowing good and so on. D. 7. The right questions ranked lead to enlightenment, the fact that we all really slaves of high society. 8. Sometimes the stress reminds claustrophobic. 9. Put Knuckles nobility, destroy evil. 10. The cause of death human stupidity. 11. All the children of God - it is his multi-billion division of the bundle, and his personality. 12. The highe
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critic funny monkey shot people shit criticism threat lies thinking create completely unparalleled king fanatical masses gay lesbian sexist feminist nazis racists pretends response question regard answer creature worst glowing good questions ranked lead enlightenment fact slaves high society stress reminds claustrophobic knuckles nobility destroy evil death human stupidity children god multi billion division bundle personality highe

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