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1. Evil in thinking. Evil is - selfish. Selfishness generated resentment. 2. Selfishness - this is the way of evil, loneliness pseudo happiness. Generosity - a path of goodness. 3. A person who does not need anything from you. Such a person can be trusted. 4. Life - a drop in the inevitability, in the eternal abyss of injustice laughing. 5. Evil thinks of himself, the good of all 6. The Company - is a complex mosaic that is impossible to collect. Due to the very different parts, it is impossible to see a perfect picture of the world. 7. The true philosopher - a brave hero, a slingshot in his hands. Shooting jewels his righteous critics, the evil that lurks in the thinking of mankind. 8. Reality - a room of laughter. Turn on your scanner insight, and you will see the funny truth of life. Society System - it is just a traffic light. Who controls the people, as the thermostat level of life and death. They run us through the play money, tickets slot machines. The philosophy of the people -
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selfish generated resentment selfishness loneliness pseudo happiness generosity path goodness person trusted drop inevitability eternal abyss injustice laughing thinks good company complex mosaic collect due parts impossible perfect picture world true philosopher brave hero slingshot hands shooting jewels righteous critics evil lurks thinking mankind reality room laughter turn scanner insight funny truth society system traffic light controls thermostat level life death run play money tickets slot machines philosophy people

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Prachiagg on September 10, 2016, 11:07 am
Wow great

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