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1. Female intelligence - a powerful blender, which are dipped in male brains. 2. Male penis enters the super elektrotochilku pencil, which in the form of a woman's vagina, which is a feminist fascism. That noticeably reduces men their sense of dignity and self-respect. 3. Time will turn us into a forgotten circus. 4. Creativity is your big white sneakers with neon lights, called bigfoots. Each of these sneaker combines three big shoe, like three thumbs MEGAPODE. Each step in these sneakers, this heavy blow on the earth, in which chaos is going on in it. 5. strong-willed person who is racing at high speed forward, nothing but powerful roar of a powerful engine under the hood, his cool tuned car, illuminated neon and colored paint that glows in the dark, nothing but the roar of his strong willpower he can not hear. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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female intelligence blender dipped brains male penis enters super elektrotochilku pencil form woman vagina feminist fascism noticeably reduces men sense dignity respect time turn forgotten circus creativity white lights called bigfoots sneaker combines big shoe thumbs megapode step sneakers heavy blow earth chaos willed person racing high speed powerful engine hood cool tuned car illuminated neon colored paint glows dark roar strong willpower hear musin almat zhumabekovich

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