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1. Inflation control the birth rate and mortality. 2. All over the place you decide, nepotism, kleptocracy. 3. Psychological Programming Media - a kind of conductor and orchestra society, we play such music, which orders a kleptocracy. 4. Infantile kleptocracy playing with naive, gullible people as toys, which will soon see the sunset, but will not see the dawn. 5. Censorship - a security kleptocracy. 6. kleptocracy has transformed our reality into a silent comedy. 7. Media - a giant, flying around the world, hidden camera, world government, in the shape of the eyeball. Which shows just what can be shown. But it does not show people the true dark side of the world that we are all naive slaves kleptocracy. 8. Populism kleptocracy - a playful, a hologram of endless rain of money. 9. populist candy tied to a string, and pulls it whenever you want to take it, and you do not have time to take a piece of candy, and continue to strive for it, trusting populist who leads you poverty by becomin
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inflation control birth rate mortality place decide nepotism psychological programming kind conductor orchestra society play music orders infantile playing gullible toys sunset dawn censorship security transformed reality silent comedy media giant flying hidden camera government shape eyeball shows shown show people true dark side world naive slaves populism kleptocracy playful hologram endless rain money tied string pulls time piece candy continue strive trusting populist leads poverty becomin

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