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1. Life oblivion. But the problems are sobering. 2. In this technocratic world, paranoia is the norm, your whole way of life, is a glass corridor. This transparent glass on the walls, ceiling and floor, and under all of these windows, the walls, the ceiling and on the floor, a lot of people's eyeballs, and under all these eyes and ears. And you go, they're all looking at you at you, and listen. No privacy if you're against it, you mean gremlin. 3. Do not worry, when I die, I will avenge God, I forgive all the unscrupulous bastards who give a shit right in my soul for the sake of laughter, scoundrels who sent me this God. And all of them will miss paradise. I want to see how this mindless cattle. Zasret this God, all his paradise. 4. Listen to the guy. If you see a lone girl, which is really in love. Just give her this very small piece of paper, printed, read, computer font, just come and say to her, Behold, to read it. And when she read it. You just ask her: Yes or No. The inscription
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oblivion problems sobering technocratic world paranoia norm life corridor transparent glass windows walls ceiling floor lot people eyeballs eyes ears privacy gremlin worry die avenge forgive unscrupulous bastards shit soul sake laughter scoundrels mindless cattle zasret god paradise listen guy lone girl love give small piece paper printed computer font behold read inscription

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