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1. Listen to the guy enough to be touchy. Stop being passive lesbian. Come and meet girls. 2. Nazism and racism leads to such a world. Where are all the nations and races of each other behind their backs are considered subhuman. 1. Judgement is necessary to submit a bunch of reciprocal claims for the worst-case scenario in life. 2. How funny evolution, I am. 3. The Eccentric - these are the real people in the world. 4. True - it is all due to the good and light. Well - this is the highest wisdom. Well - this is the highest level of thinking. 5. People - this glove the forces of evil. 6. Life - is walking on quicksand, the more sin, the more deeply you addictive. 7. Life in this world is like wandering in the desert, where happiness is just a mirage. 8. Strive to be the extent of sexual guy to women in the form of you or your photos like pull her nipples and stroking her excited clitoris. 9. The system of society - it is paid parking for people. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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listen touchy stop passive lesbian meet girls nazism racism leads nations races backs considered subhuman judgement submit bunch reciprocal claims worst case scenario funny evolution eccentric real true due good light wisdom highest level thinking glove forces evil walking quicksand sin deeply addictive life world wandering desert happiness mirage strive extent sexual guy women form photos pull nipples stroking excited clitoris system society paid parking people musin almat zhumabekovich

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