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1. Love, culture and subculture - is color-blind. 2. Subculture - a Frankenstein, composed of bodies, different cultures. 3. Do not break the balance between the idea and the quality. As the quality - it's a beautiful density, the pleasure of a misunderstanding, as the idea sinks in quality, and people can not understand your creative work. While the noble idea - it is the truth that makes everything transparent, and passes through us and gives us a real pleasure and inspiration from the cathartic insight. 4. Only the unity of the whole of humanity will reveal the true potential of humanity, it will be revealed only on love, peace and forgiveness. 5. Take a look at this map of the world. Yes, it is a pure transparent glass, a perfect, seamless world, absolute unity, and now look like a fool hit her hammer of fascism, the hammer symbol of Nazism and racism. The world was divided into continents and countries. He continues to hit the hammer. And now you see that the glass breaks. Our com
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culture color blind subculture frankenstein composed bodies cultures break balance beautiful density misunderstanding sinks quality people understand creative work noble idea truth passes real pleasure inspiration cathartic insight reveal true potential humanity revealed love peace forgiveness map pure transparent perfect seamless absolute unity fool fascism symbol nazism racism world divided continents countries continues hit hammer glass breaks

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