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1. Love, friendship, happiness, all this costly effects of reality. 2. Self-criticism, self-flagellation - is exorcism. 3. 1. Only the tireless, selfless generosity, healing from hatred, for example, you or another person. 2. Ah, if all the body was a chur erogenous zone. Any contact of the nervous system, to give a lethal dose of excitation. 3. Oh, if instead of feces spilled oil, the president of America is doing shoulder massage, drooling be turned into diamonds, people would be asked to spit into their hands. Breathing in the most fashionable perfume. 4. The men from the fans would not be rebound if the skin was candy, sweet dander, food powder, tears were sweet water, caramel cerumen, saliva would be fortified juice, sweat would be soda, vomiting would be sweet cream from set retention chocolate ice cream, urine would pop and the sperm would be a delicious milkshake. 5. Dream of magic pockets, which never runs out of money, which will give an endless childhood of sweets and joy. 6
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love friendship happiness costly effects reality criticism flagellation exorcism tireless selfless generosity healing hatred person body chur erogenous zone contact nervous system lethal dose excitation feces spilled oil president america shoulder massage drooling turned diamonds people asked spit hands breathing fashionable perfume men fans rebound skin candy dander food powder tears water caramel cerumen saliva fortified juice sweat soda vomiting sweet set retention chocolate ice cream urine pop sperm delicious milkshake dream magic pockets runs money give endless childhood sweets joy

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