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(1 of 4 - Kiss feet, love, humility authority or humble authority or kingship queenship godhood goddesshood motherhood fatherhood sonhood etc...) If you're not willing to get down on your feet and kiss one another's, or another's feet, then you are not [or have not] been perfected [or made perfect] in love! Although in truth you have, you must still be living in the Kingdom of Satan or the Devil, opposed to or an adversary of good [and or love] and thus living in deception! God is all that exists! Good is all that there is! You must as God be willing to come down for the sake of others! And you must see yourself as all and in all infinitely connected by the empty space of the universe and the authority or light or peace or love of all! over all in all as all is all! You must be rightfully or righteously obsessed! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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humility humble kingship queenship godhood goddesshood motherhood fatherhood sonhood kiss feet perfected perfect truth kingdom satan devil opposed adversary living deception exists good god sake infinitely connected empty space universe authority light peace love rightfully righteously obsessed joshua aaron guillory

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