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1. Only a wicked people, the most beautiful smile in the world. 2. Madness - a wildlife inner reality. 3. Are you an ambitious comic-cartoon-slaughter, slaughter in the ever funny selfishness. 4. In this world of madness subsides the storm, which has been simmering a melody, a small Chinese gong. 5. Party People pass by life, plunging into unconsciousness, without any awareness and understanding. 6. No matter how many points you added, or erased, and how would you call them, it's all the same vicious circle. 7. Do you want to live happily ever after? Stop waiting for something good in life. 8. All people are not looking for happiness and benefit. 9. Pessimism - a psychotronic weapons of mass destruction, which prevents people from ruining each other. 10. Men Caucasian jealous, and therefore do not want to share their women with representatives of other nations and races. And therefore we created this false, absurd, comic-Nazi racist theory of the disappearance of the race. With the hel
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wicked beautiful smile wildlife reality ambitious cartoon slaughter funny selfishness world madness subsides storm simmering melody small chinese gong party pass plunging unconsciousness awareness understanding matter points added erased call vicious circle live happily stop waiting good life happiness benefit pessimism psychotronic weapons mass destruction prevents people ruining men caucasian jealous share women representatives nations races created false absurd comic nazi racist theory disappearance race hel

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