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1. Over time, each new loss, it becomes easier and easier. 1. Higher joke is that nothing worthwhile is converted into something very expensive. When they say it is priceless it means it does not cost anything really. Money is an imaginary wall between the people of different walks of life. 2. The world is gradually turning into a cemetery. 3. Let the thought goes through your whole fucking brain. Pride and vanity god - this multi-billion dollar, countless division of his personality. 4. The heart that desires nothing, it is all covered, fantastic, sparkling starry splendor. 5. The truth is illusory, it is given to see only those in whom there is no evil. 1. The fate turns the bottle. Whom bottle stop with that and spend the rest of his days. 2. Fate is so similar to the game called Twister. 3. Fate - a spider web, which is a system of society. So a lot of rastavlennye fate strands in a particular order. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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time loss easier higher joke worthwhile converted expensive priceless means cost money imaginary wall people walks life world gradually turning cemetery thought fucking brain pride vanity god multi billion dollar countless division personality heart desires covered fantastic sparkling starry splendor truth illusory evil turns bottle stop spend rest days similar game called twister spider web system society lot rastavlennye fate strands order musin almat zhumabekovich

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