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1. People should be easier. The guy just come up to you like a girl. And I tell her I want to be your boyfriend, and then to be your husband, to live with you forever. Similarly, the same girl get noticed guy says: I want to be your girlfriend, and then to be your wife, to live with you forever. 2. The guy comes up like a girl and tell her: fuck me or if you do not speak English: fuck me. She liked you approach a guy and say to him: fuck me or if or does not speak English: fuck me. 3. Take action now. If you like or love with: Man, man. Just tell him all the feelings of love into his face, or write in a letter and tell him. But do not keep these feelings to yourself. 4. Listen brother, first make sure that she was lonely, and you approach your favorite girl and tell her: Hello, I'm your new boyfriend. The same girl to do, my dear sisters, make sure that he is single, and come to you like a guy and tell him: Hello I'm your new girlfriend. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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