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1. Single person over time, more and more often said the word, I am. And yet we rarely says a word. 2. Loneliness develops selfishness. 3. Optimism - is selfishness. 4. The body of a rooster with his head torn continues to run in a circle, not realizing that he had been betrayed. 5. A lot of people, not of the world total. In this world, there are in reality only this half. The rest of their mind is somewhere very far away, in a particular state of mind, they hover somewhere, somewhere floating. Beyond human understanding. 6. I think this is crazy when no one believes. 7. I myself personally think in life is this: I do not Aspect assumes no race and nation, I have no homeland. But I truly love absolutely every nation and race, and I'm a pacifist. Heal the world is dying from a terrible cold indifference, warm and illuminate it with its warmth and light, their souls, their love, sympathy and compassion. 8. Oh, I dream to live in Africa, marries a beautiful African woman. My dream is to
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single person time rarely word loneliness develops optimism selfishness body rooster head torn continues run circle realizing betrayed lot people total reality rest state mind hover floating human understanding crazy believes personally life aspect assumes homeland absolutely nation race pacifist heal world dying terrible cold indifference warm illuminate warmth light souls love sympathy compassion live africa marries beautiful african woman dream

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