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1. The greatness of a man is measured in the amount of noble deeds committed. 2. Your life light not friends, but only your family. 3. Nazis and racists do not understand what beauty is not monotonous, and versatile and infinitely varied in nature. What is beautiful is not one color, but equally beautiful absolutely all colors. 4. Problems steal life. 5. Beware of the bridge in the form of a huge cartoon language of lies, an adept of the sect. It leads directly into the shaft of slavery. Where will you get for the adepts of the sect, money. 6. Cupid - is a cross-eyed sniper. 7. Vanity - it eksbegetsionizm complexes. 8. Mouth speaker looking fanatical audience. Ears vacuum cleaners, inflated naive eyes. The nose filter, do not feel dirty trick that - this greedy era. 9. Personality invincible like Drunken Master. 10. There are only two categories of creative people: the first received all at once, the second is gaining with difficulty and with time. In the first category has two sub cat
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greatness man measured amount noble deeds committed light friends family nazis racists understand beauty monotonous versatile infinitely varied nature color equally beautiful absolutely colors problems steal life beware bridge form huge cartoon language lies adept leads shaft slavery adepts sect money cupid cross eyed sniper vanity eksbegetsionizm complexes mouth speaker fanatical audience ears vacuum cleaners inflated naive eyes nose filter feel dirty trick greedy era personality invincible drunken master categories creative people received gaining difficulty time category cat

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