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1. The image of a loved one - a light in the midst of darkness. 2. Remember that love is much more valuable than any resentment. 3. Love couple, which is capable of constantly forgiving each other, destined to become the happiest couple in the world. 4. technocratic, secularism world steals from your soul, leaving only the body, naive zombies in obedient superficially minded servant of conformism, a body that craves pointless pleasures that are actually suffering. Techno-apocalypse, taking away your spirit in an alternate reality, which is called the virtual world. The sensory-avid, cyber hell monopolists with tridents that turn your laptop into a mania, tablet mania, and iphonoholics. 5. iphonoholics, ipad-smokers and the tablet-mania. All of this plantation, rotten GMO crop, mass pop culture. Society is somehow still called the society. Who is in a limited, cultural and spiritual dead end, meaningless, banal stupidity, endless repetitions of art and science. Society is no longer aspi
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image loved light midst darkness remember valuable resentment love capable constantly forgiving destined happiest couple technocratic secularism steals soul leaving naive zombies obedient superficially minded servant conformism body craves pointless pleasures suffering techno apocalypse spirit alternate reality virtual world sensory avid cyber hell monopolists tridents turn laptop iphonoholics ipad smokers tablet mania plantation rotten gmo crop mass pop culture called limited cultural spiritual dead meaningless banal stupidity endless repetitions art science society longer aspi

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