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1. The logic where there is no selfishness. 2. We live, soft toys made in patchwork, sewn with smiles and with eyes on buttoned. And we heard from only laugh pain. 3. The running of the fame and popularity, confident. 4. Women have the same gender, and they can safely congratulate for this, now they are no better than us. 5. See how mankind is gradually killing ourselves in a senseless massacre of their own selfishness. What you now see is a real suicide. 6. The inner world is like a mollusk called: nautilus. 7. terrible reality, circus music heard children's arithmetic greed. This grinder system of society. The world in a colorful magical intoxicating, magical mist of dreams, appear the most ridiculous hallucinations, illusions of happiness, and desires. 8. Dead sound of pain, the dead line of life. (about life) 9. Your language, your whip against the forces of evil. 10. In this great gladiatorial arena selfishness, which is mainly governed only evil. The gods have turned the human wo
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logic live soft toys patchwork sewn smiles eyes buttoned laugh running fame popularity confident women gender safely congratulate mankind gradually killing senseless massacre real suicide mollusk called nautilus terrible reality circus music heard children arithmetic greed grinder system society world colorful intoxicating magical mist dreams ridiculous hallucinations illusions happiness desires sound pain dead line life language whip forces great gladiatorial arena selfishness governed evil gods turned human

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