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1. The mouse cursor fate leads your corpse to the grave. sihodelicheskaya, false reality melts, a kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions dissipated. And seen the real life after death. 2. A grim smile mocks reality, and its dark, sinister laugh which reduces scrip. There have Christmas bells. It affects you voodoo fate. Toy monkey beating in Musical Instrument plate trying to wake you from sleep sinful selfishness, it seeks to awaken in you the realization that you have to be a noble saint. What you need to take care of his house under the name nature to live in harmony with it, the symbol of what the tree house. And death is just the gardener, without it all the overgrown eternal life. 3. The destiny controls human, she using a game joystick. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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mouse cursor leads corpse grave sihodelicheskaya false melts kaleidoscope feelings emotions dissipated real grim smile mocks reality dark sinister laugh reduces scrip christmas bells affects voodoo fate toy monkey beating musical instrument plate wake sleep sinful selfishness seeks awaken realization noble saint care nature live harmony symbol tree house death gardener overgrown eternal life destiny controls human game joystick author musin almat zhumabekovich

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