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1. There are two types of people: street and home. Outdoor grow mainly on the street - are alcoholics, drug addicts, womanizer, the players in the casino, criminals, etc., almost all of them a bad end, and with them it is better not to get involved, because they are always drawn to the street, which is in the end.. It kills them. Pets grow up in a family, and value family traditions, it is usually family men who have strong families grow. 2. Let people empty art. 3. What is the nature of such culture. 4. Proof that all animals are intelligent. 1. Instincts - these are the first signs of intelligence. 2. Do all animals is the original feature of this culture: the mating season. For example: The birds are singing and dancing, deer males fight for the right to continue his occupation with the female. 3. Lions have their own clans and wolves live by the laws of the pack. By the same token society live ants and termites, and so on. D. 4. People have long ago solved all their problems. If no
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types home outdoor alcoholics drug addicts womanizer players casino criminals bad involved drawn street kills pets traditions family men strong families grow empty art nature proof intelligent instincts signs intelligence animals original feature culture mating season birds singing dancing deer males fight continue occupation female lions clans wolves laws pack token society live ants termites people long solved problems

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