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1. Thinking constantly mutates, the evolution of consciousness. With mutagen GMO mutants mutagen called selfishness. 1. All the children of God - it is his multi-billion dollar division of the bundle and the individual. 2. The highest form of compliment, is the most romantic: the threat of suicide. 3. They put the price tags on things and to each other. 4. If you strike and mother. Look at the gym a fun park rides. 2. Shaking muscles look at this scale. This green bar of enthusiasm, but in the end it is a dark orange peretrenerovannost after her red stagnation scale. The main thing is not to move their child entuziazma.materish for territory. Know that you hit and matter itself. 5. The more you wish, the further away. The more do not want, the more runs. 6. Can you make a childless Woman not. 7. There is no true love in romantic relationships or marriage, where there is money. There is only a formality and conventionality. 8. Reality - emotionless, calculating bitch. 9. The man who thr
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thinking constantly mutates evolution consciousness gmo mutants mutagen called selfishness children god multi billion dollar division bundle individual highest form compliment threat suicide price tags strike mother gym fun park rides shaking muscles green bar enthusiasm dark orange peretrenerovannost red stagnation scale main move child entuziazma materish territory hit matter runs childless woman true love romantic relationships marriage money formality conventionality reality emotionless calculating bitch man thr

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