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1. True love is like two souls merged together, like galaxies have faced for centuries. 2. People like galaxies, they are further and further away from each other. 3. Conservatism - it's your cryogenic freezing, with a view to wake up in better times. 4. Loneliness - a bunker protects against mass chaos thinking. 5. Loneliness - is a constant dialogue with itself 6. Looking at the city from space, a visible electronic mechanisms, in which people live, have become part of them. 7. Infinite loneliness - this is the shortest way to find yourself ... 8. A lonely man, freely floating in black space of solitude. 9. The large megalopolis are so similar to a motherboard. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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true love souls merged faced centuries galaxies conservatism cryogenic freezing view wake times bunker protects mass chaos thinking constant dialogue city visible electronic mechanisms people live part infinite loneliness shortest find lonely man freely floating black space solitude large megalopolis similar motherboard author musin almat zhumabekovich

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