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1. Women's living the dream in thousands and thousands of men. 2. Shambhala need to look not on foot, and by plane and helicopter. With the help of photo snapshots and continuous monitoring video via satellite. 1. In this human world, a burning hell, the net of lies, only the pessimists go to welding glasses, which do not allow them to dazzle bright light lies. They see the truth as people because of trifles fight and swear. Taking off again points they see as they are smiling and holding hands. 2. The pessimist would like to go to night-vision goggles, but he sees and understands well that lurk in the darkness of reality in this deep, deep, deep darkness of the human world 3. Strive for success breaking all the laws of chemistry and physics. 4. There will be no future in the country, which has the mentality of thieves. 5. Lust turns you into the toilet for Urinating. 6. you can not stop. In this great joke, which is called the human world. Dirty jokes, which will soon destroy itself b
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women living dream thousands men shambhala foot plane helicopter photo snapshots continuous monitoring video satellite burning hell net pessimists welding glasses dazzle bright light lies truth people trifles fight swear points smiling holding hands pessimist night vision goggles sees understands lurk reality deep darkness strive success breaking laws chemistry physics future country mentality thieves lust turns toilet urinating stop great joke called human world dirty jokes destroy

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