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1. You can not be yourself, even it was taken from us cruel society, where there is always a man with a camera that will remove the camera, and posted on the Internet that would humiliate the man, and put up for a laugh. 2. The male pigeon, dove flees the female to have sex with her. Also, people in the world, only a man running after a woman using grooming and care, then to sleep with her. 3. Nothing but trouble in this life there. 4. From a human problem and the pain alone. 5. There was a time when the American rap in the 90s of the 20th century it was the true form of rap, it was: a courageous, tough, brutal, lyrical, life, beautiful, amazing, and muskulinym ,. Not that now, in the two thousandth of the 21st century, geyskoy-club-pop, no it's not rap, newfangled trend that became fashionable in the world. 6. More than anything else, in only one liar furious when they, with the help of his shameless lies, trying to turn you into an idiot guilty, and then you apologize to them. And th
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cruel society remove camera posted internet humiliate laugh male pigeon dove flees female sex people man running woman grooming care sleep trouble human problem pain time american 90s 20th true form courageous tough brutal lyrical life beautiful amazing muskulinym thousandth 21st century geyskoy club pop rap newfangled trend fashionable world liar furious shameless lies turn idiot guilty apologize

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