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10. In this great gladiatorial arena selfishness, which is mainly governed only evil. The gods have turned the human world into a testing ground, where everyone has their own exclusive obstacle course, and such that he wanted to sue the designer who created them. You win only the most holy, that is, the spirit of the most powerful: the good, the noble, unselfish. 11. Life - a chewing gum, which sooner or later will break. 12. Once in fairy tales, myths and legends princess fled from the vile money-bags, the noble poor because chose pure love, not dirty money. These days silicone boteksnye Princess (Golddiggershi) run to the nasty rich, because choosing the money, not love. 13. Loneliness and have courage. 14. The strength and the power should belong only to the heroes. 15. Will - this is your automatic crane machine for stretching toys 16. Universal Peace around the world - it is a victory of all mankind. 17. Act now. If you like or love with: Man, man. Just tell him all the feelings o
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great gladiatorial arena selfishness governed evil gods turned human testing ground exclusive obstacle wanted sue designer created win holy spirit powerful good unselfish life chewing gum sooner break fairy tales myths legends fled vile bags noble poor chose pure dirty days silicone boteksnye princess golddiggershi run nasty rich choosing money loneliness courage strength power belong heroes automatic crane machine stretching toys universal peace world victory mankind act love man feelings

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