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10. There are only two categories of creative people: the first received all at once, the second is gaining with difficulty and with time. In the first category has two sub categories, some are becoming because of its famous names, while others are becoming, because it gives people what they want, thereby caving under their thinking and desires. The second category of people who gets all difficult, they are rebels, revolutionaries, pioneers, opening them for the first time perceived painful, later as their innovations eventually become the norm. 11. I just have not given everything to be like, as I grew up and continue to live alone, and I am happy that I was not given to be like others. 12. In this world, there is no more love. In men, the wife of himself chooses his penis. In women, the husband currently choose her brains. 13. See how man's hand reaches for the big women's breasts, and the hand of the woman at this time extends to Casey, who is filled with money. 14 The indifferent m
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creative received gaining difficulty categories famous names caving thinking desires category people difficult rebels revolutionaries pioneers opening perceived painful innovations eventually norm grew continue live happy world love men wife chooses penis husband choose brains man reaches big women breasts hand woman time extends casey filled money indifferent

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