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11. People related to culture, science, art, philosophy, and other celebrities, all these hypocritical, cynical snob, united only by one thing: the inferiority complex. 12. You are humiliated and beaten up just for the sake of fun and mindless entertainment. 13. Feed genius at times interrupted the silence of stupidity. 14. Creative people, and other people associated with art. Try only at the beginning of his artistic career. 15. To the people were very obedient to them gave time. And while depriving the right to choose, and encourages action. 16. Do people from your own truth gradually worsening vision. 17. Creativity - a race of ideas, did not have time to show you the time comes to show others your ideas, no matter whether they know your work or not. Usually, the idea goes to someone famous, or very fast, ahead of its time. 18. Anime near gone from the westerns. 19. They almost did not see or hear each other, people with a distorted mind, sight, hearing and speech. 20. The red-hot
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related culture science philosophy celebrities hypocritical cynical snob united inferiority complex humiliated beaten sake fun mindless entertainment feed genius times interrupted silence stupidity creative art beginning artistic career obedient gave depriving choose encourages action truth gradually worsening vision creativity race show ideas matter work idea famous fast time anime westerns hear people distorted mind sight hearing speech red hot

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