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11. Technology has eroded dating so much that strangers chat for many days about everything and when they decide to meet, it is just straight sex because there is usually nothing else to talk about. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 12. If you want your man to be faithful, keep him broke. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 13. Hope excites man and makes his life bearable; even hope for a catastrophe. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 14. Without money, man feels impotent; without beauty a woman feels invisible. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 15. Sexual fantasy is more exciting than real sex with the object of your fantasy. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 16. Music is the path to spirituality: the soul only listens to music and understands only through rhythm. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 17. Every human being is vulnerable to corruption but the degree of this affinity in an African is ridiculously high. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 18. If you want to stop experiencing nightmares, conquer your fears. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 19. The m
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technology eroded dating strangers chat days decide meet straight talk faithful broke excites life bearable hope catastrophe money man impotent beauty woman feels invisible sexual exciting real sex object fantasy path spirituality soul listens music understands rhythm human vulnerable corruption degree affinity african ridiculously high stop experiencing nightmares conquer fears godiah rocky imbukuleh

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