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14 The indifferent man drinking a cocktail under the name of indifference, of a paper cup with a straw. From whose brains are frozen and completely stop thinking. 15. Hold the chain saw in his hands in the form of beavers, people shaved bald on the entire planet, which eventually get sunstroke from which they are unlikely to recover. 16. Couturier's relentless people create more and more new forms and types of bizarre prison clothing system of society. 17. Educated people - a bunch of chimpanzees in the master's robes, with a fully brainwashed, monopolists, technocrats. 18. Look how these misers, businessmen who are actually drug barons, play a board game called: a monopoly. Puts all its obedient pawns, traders, these drug pushers. They decide what will be your future. 19. The world is ruled by a pimp, he sells drugs to people, some of the people call their happiness, and someone materialism and cheap prostitutes, whom he calls the presidents. All the time, bring him money 20. Money fo
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indifferent man drinking cocktail indifference paper cup straw brains frozen completely stop thinking hold chain hands form beavers shaved bald entire planet eventually sunstroke recover couturier relentless create forms types bizarre prison clothing system society educated bunch chimpanzees master robes fully brainwashed monopolists technocrats misers businessmen barons play board game called monopoly puts obedient pawns traders drug pushers decide future world ruled pimp sells drugs people call happiness materialism cheap prostitutes calls presidents time bring money

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