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15. Boer psychology plunges into the depths of your self. He sinks to the bottom where you can see the hell your instincts. There's an entire system, where it becomes clear that stupidity all the feelings and emotions are reciprocated. Only selfless generosity, breaks the whole system of instincts. On the selfless generosity, self-sacrifice for the sake of another man, altruism, inexhaustible ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness, it can only senior people of the planet earth, who are at the highest level of thinking, understanding and awareness. Until this level of thinking can not reach any of the gods, and the higher beings of the universe. 16. All we wander in the dark, and only targets indicate where to go. 17. All global issues are born out of a small whim, in the small minds. 18. Country in which reigns Nazism and racism, will die from a terrible death, loneliness happy. 19. The drug - a drug lord who, instead of a member of a large, long, fat syringe in the form of a bumbl
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boer psychology plunges depths sinks bottom hell entire clear stupidity feelings emotions reciprocated breaks system instincts selfless generosity sacrifice sake man altruism inexhaustible ability forgive forgiveness senior people planet earth highest understanding awareness level thinking reach gods higher beings universe wander dark targets global issues born whim small minds country reigns nazism racism die terrible death loneliness happy drug lord member large long fat syringe form bumbl

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