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19. Take this towel, wipe your sweat, tears, and blood, and laugh over what you have experienced, because there's nothing personal, it was just a cheeky, nasty joke reality, that's all. 20. You are in this world nobody wanted child. 21. From the tunnel of love, few selected normal. 22. If you do not react to various curses addressed in your address, then you turned off your hearing aid and your vulnerable ears do not hear anything, and trusting eyes are not able to read lips, and they do not care. 23. Throughout the life of the children do not understand what they are doing. 24. All bow only before the authorities, but few have the talent. 25. Loneliness - it is lethal freedom. 26. Philosophy - Acupuncture is a therapy that can heal or destroy. 27. The naivete - is the weakest point, which is used by the evil. 28. From the planet earth ever heard music - a fun, comical, a hell of a party, crazed bodies. 29. Nihilists constantly hears from people only, blah blah blah. 30. Madness - this
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towel wipe sweat tears blood laugh experienced personal cheeky nasty joke reality world wanted child tunnel love selected normal react curses addressed address turned hearing aid vulnerable ears hear trusting eyes read lips care life children understand bow authorities talent loneliness lethal freedom philosophy acupuncture therapy heal destroy naivete weakest point evil planet earth heard music fun comical hell party crazed bodies nihilists constantly hears people blah madness

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