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19. The drug - a drug lord who, instead of a member of a large, long, fat syringe in the form of a bumblebee, with a needle in the form of a poisonous sting. The syringe, which is constantly filled with drug addicts for all who want to try it out drugs from his syringe. 20. A woman from the future in love with a guy and decided to meet him: This woman in the distant future, imagine a soft, drunk, love the voice calling you, and you hear here approached, how to call thee? and in my area is shorter klikuha cake, gave here the phone and the pen pyrnu, but not without the phone, though not, Mobil also drive, but wait, what I'm currently going to call, okay let's go from here, on the left do not go, go exactly to me poyal and the pen pyrnu, I'll call, you'll answer. All come, gone away. 21. All is not great in the world, and in you. 22. Amorous couple created at random 23. You're in a movie theater, which shows only black tragicomedy in which a terrific comedic turns, hypocritical psycholog
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lord member large long fat bumblebee needle form poisonous sting constantly filled drug addicts drugs syringe guy decided meet woman distant future imagine soft drunk love voice calling hear approached thee area shorter klikuha cake gave phone mobil drive wait left poyal pen pyrnu call answer great world amorous couple created random movie theater shows black tragicomedy terrific comedic turns hypocritical psycholog

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