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2. I had a dream. And I understood. What we are all ghosts stuck in a certain time. This is not karma and reincarnation in which. We're stuck in the same life that is repeated in different scenarios over and over again, where life for good behavior. We finally passed into heaven. 1. Hell treat pain and fear. They stimulate a strong awareness of the shock. Improvements for the better. 2. Love - a sperm, the evacuation - this is lust. There is no love, there is only indifference. 3. The opposite of the word failure optimism. 4. There are only three higher good: love, peace, freedom. 5. The man laughs much louder than his fate. 6. Throughout hear the laughter of fate. 7. Whatever the artist painted his self-portrait every time it turns. 8. From the awareness of all things, a smile on his face is getting wider and wider. 9. So you brainless whore who constantly sniffing heroin, called love. 10. If you are so often unlucky in love? So you brainless whore who constantly sniffing heroin, call
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dream understood ghosts karma reincarnation stuck repeated scenarios life behavior finally passed heaven hell treat pain fear stimulate strong shock improvements sperm evacuation lust indifference word failure optimism higher good peace freedom man laughs louder hear laughter fate artist painted portrait time turns awareness smile face wider called unlucky love brainless whore constantly sniffing heroin call

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