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(2 of 2 The True) My life will forever be perfect and free! Just the way it is! Just the way I am! I get what I want, and I want what I get! If you live in the deception, you'll be like one man in his so-called deception that intended evil or bad and in his mind did evil and bad towards me and lost his leg! And he started doing good, intending good, and his leg grew back! True story! He got his leg back! Get your leg back today! Intend good! Intend true! Intend me! Intend you! Attending to you and all that is good, including me! And finding the unity of legs as one leg! World peace forever! :) - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Life is always great! You can hate, but I will continue to love! Loving life! Loving me! Loving the true! Don't run away from the true, run into [the true]! and or the truth! You are the truth and the truth is you! Be the true! Be you! Be the you! You can't hate in truth, and yet some say you can! there is only love in truth! perfect love! RelaxBe - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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free live man called deception intended mind evil bad lost started intending grew story today intend attending good including finding unity legs leg world peace great continue life loving run true hate truth perfect love relaxbe joshua aaron guillory

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